Eve's Victory, Seeds of Hope - Loxahatchee, FL

October 11, 2019

My heart is so FULL being able to share this story with you. I was so excited to capture this beautiful event hosted by Eve's Victory honoring pregnancy and infant loss by planting hope in the hearts of those that have gone through this loss and bringing awareness to all. It was so beautiful to see a community come together to support such an inspirational movement in hopes that the wildflower hearts in-scripted with the names of the babies in heaven will bloom after being released by a plane. That moment when, "Good Good Father" by Chris Tomlin was sung by Ally Picardi, and SkyBlue Jet Aviation's Ken Scivyer flew his plane over us and dropped 98 hearts was something that moved us all. Those who participated have gone through a loss and this event signified more than words can explain. We can't wait to see all the blooms as our sign of hope that we will one day be reunited with our babies in heaven. Praise be to God. 


Thank you to:

SkyBlue Jet Aviation & REVEAL Fellowship, PILOT Ken Scivyer, HEART RELEASER Oren Narunsky, VIDEO/ PICTURES A Little Story Photography, Katie Herron, Jess Vizecky, Cheree Ramirez, WORSHIP SINGER Ally Picardi, PROPERTY OWNER Carrie Bruffey 





















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